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Welcome to JĪVAKA PHARMA, the abode of genuine Ayurvedic medicines and contemporary Herbal preparations.

Our pharmacy encompasses over 50 years long tradition of developing radiant research products. Our Herbal Product “JEEVASAKTI” is the first of its kind that proves to be the best portrayal of our everlasting research in the field of Ayurvedic medicines.

We are also one of the few producers in India, who are manufacturing classical/ shastric Ayurvedic medicines. The products of JĪVAKA are an embodiment of culture and ethics delighting everyday customers with their impeccable disease healing properties.

Built on this tradition, we are forever fixated with Product Quality, Hygiene and Research. We ensure that every opportunity you provide us is served with better understanding of your needs.

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Happy Customers say

Mrs. Radha Rani

A Holistic approach in the treatment. We consider doctor as ” God ” in disguise. Jivaka should be the first choice when anybody wants an alternative medicine without side effects.

Ms. Nisha

I had problem in L4 L5 disc i had a disc bulge and was in very critical stage i got treatment done in Jivaka ayurveda hospital for 45 days had gt amazing results happy with the treatment and service thank you Jivaka hospital for such a great service

Mr. T. Arun

I have undergone treatment for 4 years for ulcerative colitis and now I am completely cured.

Mr. Gali Vijay Bapeeneedu

I have been using Jivaka Red Toothpowder for the past year to help improve my gum health. Before trying this product, I was dealing with gum bleeding and receding issues. As per my doctor’s recommendation, I started massaging my gums with this powder two times a day. Surprisingly, my gum health has significantly improved, and my teeth have become whiter. Even my doctor was impressed with the results. My whole family uses Jivaka Red Toothpowder daily, and we are all big fans of its effectiveness.


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