Saindhava Lavanam

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Product form: Coarse Powder

Saindhava Lavanam is enriched with 82 plus mineral nutrients and electrolytes and is considered the best among many edible salts. It balances the body by promoting healthy ph levels and facilitating cellular absorption of nutrients.


Stimulates digestive fire (jatharagni), improves appetite and promotes regular bowel movement.

Corrects digestive metabolism, treats āma (reduces endotoxins), and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Restores intestinal health, enhances gut bacteria and boosts the immunity system

It helps to maintain oral hygiene and improves the health of gums and teeth.

It helps restore the minerals deficits in the body and strengthens bones and connective tissues.

Regulates the sleep cycle by balancing the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ and the sleep hormone ‘Melatonin.’

External application – Helps to exfoliate the dead skin, controls inflammation and assists in fastening the healing in non-healing wounds.

Saindhava Lavanam (Rock salt)

General usage: It can be used in all food items as regular salt.

Oral hygiene: 

Saindhava Lavanam can be mixed with toothpaste to brush teeth for whitening.

Mix Saindhava Lavanam in warm water or Sesame oil to gargle, which prevents cavities and gums from receding.

You can prepare a good toothpowder by mixing 1 part Saindhava Lavanam with 2 parts of Triphala Churnam.

Stiffness & Pains:

Tie a poultice of lukewarm Saindhava Lavanam in a cloth and place it on inflamed muscles or joints to relieve arthritis, aches and pains.

Mix 2.5g of Saindhava Lavanam in 5ml of lukewarm sesame oil and apply it externally to the stiffness of the joints in Rheumatoid arthritis.

Put the required quantity of Rock salt in warm water and soak your palm or foot for a few minutes to relieve the stiffness of your fingers and aches.


1Kg., 250g., 2Kg., 500g.

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